So I just had to join in on the Hawkeye Initiative bandwagon, it’s just so… full of empowerment.

And then I went totally overboard.
Even gave them suggestive captions.

I feel like a predator drawing this. 

(but Tony’s face! <3!) 

Avengers Assemble!… for SEXINESS.

Tony’s pose and expression rule my world forever!!

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty empowered.

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Hiddles Hundred - 47 of 100

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Loki (Inverted Drawing) by Quelchii

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Anonymous asked: Do you by any chance know how the Nine Realms and the rest of the Marvel galactic universe work out? I know that Asgardians are basically Aliens but they always speak of the universe being Nine Realms like it is in the myths... but in gotg, there are other parts of space... Not sure how the two fit in place... It's completely okay if you don't answer this...


Hi!  There’s no canon answer to this and what’s true for the comics (and I’m super fuzzy on them) isn’t going to be applicable to the movies, because the movies and comics have major fundamental differences.  Like, how the movies made Asgardians advanced alien life forms who live about 5,000 years, whereas in the comics they’re literal gods (actual, true gods) and way, way older than that.

One of the very few solid things we have to go on is that the GotG crew and the Asgardians both are able to get to Knowhere, even if we don’t precisely know where that is in relation to everything else.  The only other aliens we know of for sure in the MCU are what we saw in GotG.  (Though, I assume if we’re getting the Kree, the Skrulls can’t be too far behind.  And I’m assuming the Shi’ar are out there somewhere, too.)

Beyond that, it’s really a lot of speculation and theorizing!  But here’s how I see it:

I think the Nine Realms are the nine points/planets along the wormhole network that the Asgardians call Yggdrasil, that they’re not just tucked away in a corner by themselves, but separated by vast, vast distances that probably not even they could traverse via normal (if super advanced) space travel.  All the travel we see between these nine realms is either based on Yggdrasil, the Convergence, or Loki’s pathways between the worlds (which TDW showed that at least the one between Asgard and Svartalfheim was a broken fragment of the Bifrost pathways/Yggdrasil), which makes me think that they’re so far apart that this is the only real way to travel between them. Aside from magic, of course.  (As Odin conjured dark energy to send Thor to Midgard, but it’s not unreasonable to assume that was Odin forcing open the Yggdrasil pathways manually.)

Those Nine points are the ones that Asgard is connected to and most strongly associated with, because they’re the ones on the branches of Yggdrasil.

Now, Heimdall says that he can see nine trillion souls… and that makes me really skeptical of what we know of the Nine Realms.  Midgard (which was always the biggest realm in the mythology, not that that necessarily transfers over) only has about 6 billion people.  Jotunheim seemed fairly unpopulated, but I guess you never know.  Svartalfheim was basically dead.  Vanaheim was shown with only a handful of people.  It’s possible that there are vast, vast swathes of people that we’re not seeing on those realms or on Alfheim and Nidavellir.  It’s possible that there’s a version of Hel in the MCU (I wouldn’t count on it, though, since they’re not gods here) and Heimdall can see them as well.  That’s still a whole lot of people to cram into just nine realms!

But with the connection to Knowhere and the GotG movie, I think instead that there are vast amounts of planets and societies in between those nine points that Asgard is the steward of.  Asgard is not directly responsible for these places or probably really all that deeply involved with them, like we see no hint of Asgardians interacting with Xandar in a stewardship role (not that that excludes it, but I don’t think so, they’d have had someone come in to help lock down the Power Stone, even if they kept it with the Nova Corp, or at least reported back that it was safe, if the movie wanted to make that connection), but they can interact with them, that they’re a known power in the Cosmic Marvel parts of the universe.

tl;dr:  Asgard is only responsible for these nine spread out points across the universe, but in between those places there are loads of other alien civilizations that they’re not responsible for.  Asgard interacts with them, probably has a lot of political clout, but they’re still separate at the end of the day, they’re not connected together like Yggradsil does with the specific realms we know of.



Prompt: ‘What if Loki had been so injured that Thor had had to ‘princess carry’ him during their departure from Midgard.’ With some gratuitous nuzzling thrown in for good measure.

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it ok loki i’m that friend too

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Anonymous: You should draw Loki regenerating. (x)

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This is monsters and magic and nothing we were ever trained for.

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Thor: you’ll always be my little precious Q3Q

Loki: oh gosh~Stop it!



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